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 The Rules of How We Play

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PostSubject: The Rules of How We Play   Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:36 am

ArmA II is a military simulator and is perfect for military Roleplay, so we try to Roleplay very realisticly! So do not break these rules for the best experience!
1 - Do NOT metagame! Metagaming is using information you know out of character to your advantage in character.
2 - Act realistic! Do not run around guns blazing, because that is unrealistic and will likely get you killed.
3 - Do what your team leader says! Do not disobey an order without an RP reason to do so.
4 - Be mature on the mic! Do not run around shouting on the mic and raging, be mature and calm.
5 - Respect everyone in the game! Do not insult/harass anyone in the game.
6 - Do not divulge information on secret missions! If you are given a top secret mission do not walk around shouting all the information about it.
7 - Do NOT randomly deathmatch Civilians! (RDM)! - Do not kill a Civilian for no reason! If you do you will be kicked and given a warning.
8 - Do not kill your team mates! Do not attack your team mates, no matter how much they annoy you.
9 - Do not steal a vehicle that someone just left! If someone just left their vehicle do not go and steal it.
10 - Have fun! And Stay Frosty!

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The Rules of How We Play
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