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 Faction Rules

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PostSubject: Faction Rules   Sun May 26, 2013 4:51 am

Faction Rules

• When you apply to start a faction you must have at least three players in your roster before you apply.

• Factions can be criminals, Vigilantes, Aid Groups, etc.

• To apply message the application to Couch. Do not post it to the forums unless you want to have your gang’s membership known to all FGRP members.

• These three players must be in a good standing with the community and have a history of being good roleplayers.

• The maximum number of gang members is five per gang

• You may not be a member of more than one gang unless you are a double agent.

• If you wish to be a double agent send a PM to Couch. Only people with a near perfect record will be allowed to be a double agent.

• Too start a gang war you must have a good reason such as taking turf, stealing from you, etc.

• If you have a bad reason for a gang war i.e. he looked at me funny, I don’t like him. The admins will immediately put a stop to it and could impose punishments to all players involved.

Application format:
Quote :
Name of Faction-
Name/GT of Leader-
Names/GTs of members-
Type of Faction-
Areas of control-
Purpose for Faction-
Faction colours-
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Faction Rules
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