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January 2019

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 GTA IV Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: GTA IV Roleplaying Rules   Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:26 am

Rules will be added as we go on but these are the rules EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW

1. Black Hole Pulling- When you pull a two handed weapon (Assault rifle shotgun etc.) out of nowhere. Exp. I'm walking along and pull out an AK in the middle of the road. It is acceptable to take a gun out next to your car or if you placed the weapon somewhere in your house/business and you are at that location

2. Random Killing- Killing for no reason Exp. Walk into random place and start shooting.

3. Amnesia Rule- You forget everything about how you died (Place, person who did it). You lose $200 when you die (for "medical" bill) and respawn like you were in the hospital.

4. Character Repeating- You can't make two characters in a row alike. I.E. Two criminals in a row. Two cops in a row.

5. College- There are jobs that you have to go to college for. College is at Varsity Heights. To get your degree you have to attend class for four hours 09:00-13:00 Mon.-Fri. for five days. The degrees offered are Medical (Doctor), Law (Lawyer), Business (+25% Revenue on owned properties).

6. Court Cases- Every player is allowed to go to court over any charge or ticket with a $1000 court fee.

7. Importing- If there is no source run by a player you have to import items via boat or plane. Items imported by ship will take one full roleplay to arrive at the port. Items imported by plane will take 3 days to arrive at the airport. Price is determined by the shipping company who you must contact to import your items.

8. Stealing- You may not steal police vehicles or helicopters.

9. Metagaming- You may not use any info in character (In an RP) that you know out of character (In a xbl party or on the forums).
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GTA IV Roleplaying Rules
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